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About Total Landscapes

Attleboro Farms & Total Lawn and Landscape have merged into Total Landscapes

Welcome to Total Landscapes!

We’re sporting a new name, a fresh look, expanded materials offerings, and the same quality landscape services and retail gardening supplies you’ve come to rely on!

Attleboro Farms has been serving its loyal gardening customers for more than 50 years and we are grateful for each and every one of you! Since 2009, Attleboro Farms and Total Lawn & Landscapes have operated as sister companies up on the hill at 491 Hickory Road, North Attleboro. If you didn’t know that, you’re not alone!

In 2024, we’re simplifying things with a new, unified name that encompasses all the services we offer home gardeners, residential and business customers and landscape contractors. You’ll find our new logo and name combines the colorful Attleboro Farms flowers we’ve all grown to know and love and the Total name that’s become synonymous with quality landscapes in the North Attleboro, MA and Northern Rhode Island area.

A total solution for all your landscaping needs

Total Landscapes says it all: We’re here to service our valued, growing community totally, from start to finish. Our team of professionals can create and install beautiful, customized landscapes and hardscapes as well as provide home gardeners with the most popular plants and garden supplies in our retail space.

As we change with the times, Total Landscapes will be supplying additional bulk materials to landscapers and homeowners in the North Attleboro, Wrentham, Plainville and Northern Rhode Island area.

Total is still your source for:

  • Mulch
  • Loam
  • Compost
  • Crushed stone - 3/4 inch
  • Dense grade
  • Construction sand
  • Seasoned firewood (fall season)

Delivery of bulks materials is available. Call the nursery directly at 508-695-7200 for more information.

A family owned business

Total Landscapes is a true family affair. Owner Kris can be found leading 4 crews with his son Heath. Meanwhile, Deb is responsible for all of the bookkeeping and accounting. Daughters Morgan and Bree have also assisted customers with purchases at Total Landscapes. Bree is now the design project manager, and every member of the team brings unique skills to offer. Their help is unparalleled.

We value our people

But of course, the Kieons couldn't do this by themselves. They're lucky to have talented employees that exhibit unbelievable drive and hard work day after day. When you visit Attleboro Farms or interact with one of their landscape technicians, it's clear that there is a commitment from the staff and they take real pleasure in their jobs.

We love our community

As life long residents of North Attleboro, owners Kris and Deb are passionate about giving back to the community. Throughout the year, you can find them taking an active role in planning and participating in events, offering time and materials, and hosting various fundraisers to benefit people in and around town. The Kieons love having the space to host events that give back to the community at Attleboro Farms.

Our goal at Total Landscapes is to make our clients happy at all times. With each satisfied customer, we enhance our reputation for creativity, professionalism, dependability, and bend-over-backward service.

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Meet the Team at Total Landscapes

Kris & Deb Kieon, Owners of Total Landscapes

Kris & Deb Kieon, Owners

Heath Kieon, Project Manager at Total Landscapes

Heath, Project Manager

Tim, General Manager / Designer at Total Landscapes

Tim, General Manager / Designer

Josh, Lead Forman at Total Landscapes

Josh, Lead Foreman

Chad, Hardscape Foreman at  Total Landscapes

Chad, Hardscape Foreman

Bree, Design Project Manager at Total Landscapes

Bree, Design Project Manager

Pat, Communications Manager at Total Landscapes

Pat, Communications Manager

Employment at Total Landscapes

Employment opportunities

We strongly believe that our success over the years is due to our hardworking and dependable employees. We seek employees who are qualified, team-oriented and eager to deliver high-quality customer service.

To apply, please submit your completed application to one of our staff members at Total Landscapes. Applications may also be submitted by email to Thanks for your interest!

Want to learn more about our organization?

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